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What To Pack for a Cruise With a Checklist

What To Pack For a Cruise?

Packing for a cruise is one of the most exciting moments of the cruise experience. It’s when things start to get real! It’s time to pack those bikinis, dress wear, and some sun screen because honey you’re about to soak up some sun!

But… you may be wondering, What do I pack for a cruise? 

We find that many people are unsure of what to pack on their first cruise and even forget certain items so we put together a list of cruising essentials so you don’t forget anything for your trip along with a list of fun things to bring on your cruise.

Now, if you’re anything like us, you will probably run through about 3 outfits/day (I’m so serious) on your cruise and just a reminder, you CAN pack as much as you would like so don’t cut yourself short on packing. Doing laundry on board would suck and does cost  money. 

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19 Suggested Items For Your Cruise

We put together 19 suggested items for you to take on your cruise. We generally take majority of these items listed below because we truly do find a use for them during our trips (especially the outlet adaptor and beach tote).

19. Elegant Wear

Most cruises have an opportunity at some point to dress elegantly.

18. Workout Clothes 

I know I don’t workout when I’m cruising however, If you want to workout on your cruise, there is a gym.

17. Snacks and Drinks 

Check your cruise line to see what’s allowed on board. Carnival allows a 12 pack of canned soda and Norwegian allows wine but for a fee.

16. Sweater

If you’re anything like me, you get cold while inside. You may want to bring a sweater to keep you warm.

15. Tumbler

A tumbler would come in handy for you if you will be drinking water or tea pool side or even some of your canned soda. The cups in the buffets are fairly small so this really comes in handy.

14. Flip Flops

If you’re going to a warm place you’ll especially want some flip flops.

13. Sundress/Cover Up

Word on the street is that sundresses are getting popular again. Apparently it’s a favorite to a lot of men. I love my sundresses and cover ups when I’m going on my cruise. You’ll want to make sure you pack a few.

12. Sunglasses

Sunglasses will really be helpful if you’re spending time outside and pool side.

11. Medicine/Pain Reliever

This is an odd recommendation however, I always seem to use Advil at some point on my cruise because too much sun always gives me a headache. I somehow always end up needing medicine at some point.

10. Outlet Wall Adaptor

This is super important for your cruise!!!! Most rooms only have two outlets and you’ll want more incase you’re getting ready and need a plug in for your phones, camera, blow dryer, straightener, electric tooth brush etc.

9. Beach Hat

This is just a must have fashion statement for your cruise photos because… why not?

8. Beach Towel

You don’t NEED a beach towel however, if you borrow the cruise lines towel, you have to make sure you return it to your room or you will get charged a fee (at least on Carnival). The other reason I suggest this to you is because there is something about having your own towel that is comforting and you don’t run the risk of getting a fee in case you loose the cruise lines towel.

7. Shampoo and Conditioner/Body Wash

This is a super obvious must have travel toiletry. They do provide this stuff on the ship like a hotel BUT having your own is just so much better.

6. Towel Clips

This will be such a lifesaver to you on your cruise if you hang out pool side because the wind from up high can get your towel blowing off the chairs. This helps keep your towel in place. I’m obsessed with these but I always forget to grab them. AAAHH

5. Swim Suit/Swim Trunks

You’ll definitely want to pack this for your cruise and don’t steer shy of over packing swim wear.

4. Lanyard

This will come in handy for you when you’re walking around the boat or get on and off at your port of call. You can attach your room key which is also like your on board credit card to your lanyard.

3. Beach Tote

You will really want a beach tote or some type of bag to add your sunscreen, towels, and anything else you want to put in it during your cruise.

2. Shorts/Tank Tops

Just like the swim suits, don’t steer shy of over packing these items. You can never pack to much clothes… right?

1. Motion Sickness Patch

This is highly recommended for your first cruise. You may end up being prone to sea sickness but unaware before hand. You would not want to get on the boat and end up feeling sick and not have any of these handy motion sickness patches to use.

9 Fun Things To Bring on a Cruise

Something about cruising that isn’t often talked about is the down time. If you have a few days at sea or short stops, you will quickly realize there is a lot of time to relax on the boat. You may get bored if you are up early or go to bed late and that is why I added 9 fun things to bring on a cruise for you.

9. Door Decor

We’ve never done this but it’s fun walking by all the decorated doors and could be fun for you too.

8. Bored games

You can find bored games in the library on Carnival cruises but you could also bring your own to play late at night in the buffet area for example.

7. Cruise Shirts

Cruise t-shirts are so fun! For our first cruise we made one and it looked so ridiculous how it turned out but it was such a blast anyway. Etsy also has a lot of fun cruise t-shirts for sale.

6Bluetooth speaker

We use our bluetooth speaker in the cabin and when we are hanging pool side or at the beach. It really comes in handy.

5. Cards

Just like bored games, you can use cards for entertainment.

4. Goggles/Snorkel gear

Most places off the ports make you pay to rent out snorkel gear but if you can bring your own, you’ll save so much money and the best part is that there is no time limit when you have your own!

3. Book

A book is so great if you like to read especially when sitting pool side.

2. Camera to document your trip

No explanation here. A GoPro or some sort of water proof camera would be awesome for documenting your trip.

1. Headphones

I bring my headphones for when i’m tanning and want to listen to music but don’t want others to hear through a speaker.

What do you always pack for your cruise? 

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