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Things To Do On Anna Maria Island

Things To Do On Anna Maria Island FL – As Told By A Local

Anna Maria Island, a beautiful hidden treasure on the West Coast of Florida. Are you traveling here and wondering the dawning question… “What kind of stuff is there to do on Anna Maria Island?”

As a semi-local who was born and raised in Bradenton, I am here to give you the scoop on several really awesome things to do on Anna Maria Island and the surrounding area.

The best way to really give you an idea of what to do from a locals perspective, I would first like to go through what a perfect day is like on the Island…

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For most locals, we would like to wake up for a nice beach day but not before having a delicious breakfast from either Anna Maria Beach Cafe on Holmes Beach where you can have unlimited pancakes or from one of the popular breakfast restaurants Peaches. Yum!

After having breakfast, you may want to head over to the beach for some relaxation, clear water, and some fun in the sun. If your looking for the perfect spot, there are a few options for you.

– Holmes Beach

This is usually the most crowded area but it does have a lot of fun activities going on. You can find the trolly here, volleyball courts, the shack for breakfast or brunch mentioned before. You know, the one with unlimited pancakes. You can also find ice cream and a little beach shop.

To reach Holmes Beach, all you have to do is head West once you get on Manatee Avenue. Stay on that road until you run into parking and you’ve arrived. (Arrive early as traffic here gets backed up fast and parking fills up fast.)

– Coquina Beach

Coquina Beach is a little South of Holmes Beach. There is limited parking on the side of the road so it’s important to get there early if you’re parking (9am/10am at the latest on weekdays. 8am/9am on the weekends or Holidays.) I really enjoy Coquina Beach because there is less people due to less parking however, there is also less space to play around if your throwing a ball or something like that.

Another cool part about this spot is that there are 3 piers that go pretty far out into the water. You can take some awesome pictures here, watch the sunset, and fish all day while the kids ride the waves.

Coquina Beach
Coquina Beach

– Bean Point

I don’t often go to Bean Point but I do know many people enjoy their time over there. Bean point is the northern tip of the Island and like all spots with beach access, if you want to get a parking spot, you need to arrive early. Bean point does have picnic tables and some awesome look outs to the skyway bridge. 

But Moving on to a perfect day…

After your amazing day out at the beach, you may want to get some ice cream from a local ice cream shack called Two Scoops or Dips near Bean Point.

Or if your near Holmes Beach you can get ice cream from that place right on the beach.

Another great option is Tyler’s Gourmet Ice Cream if you’re near Coquina Beach. 

After you’ve had time to freshen up and if the sun hasn’t worn you down too much, you may want to have a nice dinner watching the sunset which leads us into our next section. 

Beach Point
Bean Point

Ann Maria Island Restaurants – 6 Best places to eat on Anna Maria Island with a view.

1. The Sandbar. This restaurant is a local and tourist favorite. They have great music, great views, and great food. 

2. The Beach House. This restaurant is similar to the Sand bar in that it is a favorite by many with again great music, great views, and great food.

3. Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the Pier. If your a seafood lover you’ll love the Oyster Bar. It’s unique in its own way that it’s located on a pier. 

4. The Waterfront Restaurant. Known as “Anna Maria Island’s premier waterfront dining experience.” Relax and get a delicious bite to eat and a drink. 

5. Rod and Reel Pier. A local favorite serving great seafood and more. 

6. Beach Bistro. Award winning waterfront dining and amazing food and drinks for all.

Rentals – Anna Maria Island

Maybe you’re looking for something to do that is more unique while your enjoying your time at Anna Maria Island. We put together a list of several rentals and tours that you can find while staying on the Island. 

– Paddle Boarding Or Kayaking

Have you ever wanted to try paddle boarding or kayaking? Or maybe you’ve done it before and can’t wait to go again? You can rent a paddle board or kayak on your way out to Holmes Beach. On your way, you can rent from “The Surfer Bus” located on the right side of the Causeway as you head to the beach.

Paddle Board
Paddle boarding on Anna Maria Island

– Ride Horses In The Water

Located in the same area as the surfer bus, you can find an excursion of riding horses in the water with Thrill Ride

– Deep Sea Fishing

Go deep sea fishing with Cortez Deep Sea Fishing

– Rent a Jet Ski

Rent a Jet Ski or more with Wave splash Water sports 

– Go Parasailing

Choose to go parasailing on Bradenton Beach. 

– Go on a Dolphin Tour

You can book Dolphin Tours with Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours.

Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding in Bradenton

Things To Do In Bradenton FL

Now, this section of Things to do in Anna Maria Island doesn’t add up with Things to do in Bradenton FL BUT I wanted to share a few more fun things to do while in the area. 

Bradenton is just next to Anna Maria Island and if you are looking for a few other things to do, below are some cool options for you. 

To start off with, you can always check out Discover Bradenton for all the events that are happening during the day and whats going on at night. 

Downtown Bradenton often has art shows, farmer markets, and festivals to create an entertaining and relaxing day. 

If you are visiting with kids, you can also go to the Riverwalk where you can find the park where the kids can run around. But keep in mind, there is also a small water park section for the kids to play in the water so you may want to bring a bathing suit.

The riverwalk is right in downtown where you can find a few other great places such as the Bishop Museum. Here you can learn about Florida’s history and see the rescued Manatees. 

If you’ve worked up an appetite by the end of the night you can enjoy a great restaurant at Pier 22 or Oak and Stones Rooftop bar overlooking the Manatee river.

Manatee County Preserves

emerson point
Florida Preserve

If you’re looking to connect with nature a little more you could check out Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto. Emerson Point is a favorite of mine where you can walk, bike, and hang out at the point where you can fish, kayak, paddle board, or relax. You can also walk through the trails and go to the lookout point where you can find a great view. 

Another great preserve to head over to would be Robinson preserve. This is a local’s favorite for walks and another spot for high views. 

Emerson Point
Emerson Point

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What are you most excited to see? Let us know below.

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