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That Bucket List Couple

Who are you?

Hey! We are Ashley and Andrew, also known as “That Bucket List Couple“. Andrew and I are a couples travel bloggers but we really focus more on adventure and living life to the fullest. Andrew and I have known each other sense 2007 and started officially dating in 2012. We have been together through High School, college, long distance, and much more. A few years ago I ventured into the realm of making money online. I saw people who were “digital nomads” and were able to work and travel. For many years, this was my ultimate goal. Nothing makes me happier than traveling and adventuring with Andrew. After trying many different things, I found that blogging about our travels was something I was super passionate about and I knew I had a giant list of things I wanted to do and experience while I can. That’s what really led us into our bucket list journey.

Andrew and I have a total of 200 bucket list items we want to complete and we have been working hard to accomplish these goals and to share and inspire others along the way.

that bucket list couple

How often do you travel?

I would like to say we travel all the time but thats just not realistic for us at the moment. Obviously Covid has put a damper on things but we usually travel 3-4 times per year. A lot of our travels have been through cruises. Fortunately, we live in Florida and there are plenty of cruises near us. We found that this is very budget friendly, we get to explore a lot, and its a blast! We plan on saving in the next couple years and really focusing on making a solid income online so we can travel much more and start knocking a lot of items off our bucket list before we settle down and start a family.

How do you afford to travel?

Honestly, we work and save. Andrew works in banking and I work as a teacher. We are lucky enough to save decent money because we pay very little in rent so thats a plus! I also donate my plasma twice a week to help pay for cruises and little trips. Donating isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world but I can save up to $3,500/ year on it and it only takes about 2.5 hours per week. The other positive is that I am helping save lives all at the same time so its a win-win.

On the side, I also do web design, sell my arts/crafts, and coach volleyball.

What’s your best travel story?

My absolute favorite travel story so far is when Andrew and I stayed in Vegas for about a week and we decided to rent a car and travel to LA for a day. We left late at night, stayed at a rest area in freezing cold weather, then woke up and drove the rest of the way to LA. We spent the day there and drove back to our hotel in vegas the next night. I loved that we were both so up to the adventure and didn’t even hesitate. I don’t regret a single part of it. Being from Florida, the views on the West coast are so different and just stunning. I can’t wait to go explore the east coast and mid west more!

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to so far?

st. thomas
St. Thomas

So far, my favorite place to travel is probably St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. This little island is so stunning. They have beautiful beaches, everybody is nice and friendly, the hills, trees, and mountains are gorgeous and its just so nice!

Advice to someone traveling?

My advice to anybody traveling is to don’t be afraid to adventure out and to try new things. Nothing is worse than getting somewhere and being to afraid to explore or adventure out and then regretting it after. Always take the opportunity to explore and adventure because you never know what you could miss or when you’ll have the chance again.

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