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Our Favorite Cozumel Private Beach

Where is the best Private Beach in Cozumel?

We wanted to share our experience when we visited one of the most popular cruise ports travelers go to when traveling out of the East coast of the US. 

If you’ve never booked a cruise or your a cruising veteran, you may have figured out how popular the port is in Cozumel. Below I’m going to share with you our favorite private beach that was recommended by a Carnival Casino Host. 

Below is a hidden gem that we were able to find on our third trip to Cozumel when we went at the end of 2019 and will be going back to in the future. 

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Cozumel Mexico

Before I dive in, if you are a big cruiser, comment below what your favorite thing to do in Cozumel is below.

El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel

El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel. As stated above we were recommended by the Casino host on our cruise to walk a few blocks north of the port until we ran into this hotel. I can’t remember the exact prices but we stayed at this resort for the day and (I believe) it was $28/pp and we were able to receive the following…

– Wifi

– Beach chairs and shade

– Volleyball

– Snorkeling for an hour

– Fresh pool

– Hot tub with a bar

– The opportunity to paddle board OR kayak (for a fee)

– Credit towards a meal I’d say thats quit a bit for such a good price!

Cozumel Mexico

After we hung out for a while we decided to eat lunch there because of the credit.  We ended up ordering some soda, chips, queso, salsa, and two full meals. After our credit and the tip, we ended up spending about another $10-$15. Again, I can’t remember the EXACT prices.

This hotel felt extremely safe for us and it was close enough to the port that you could easily see our ship not too far out. 

Drinks and the pool

I decided to try the Pina Colada at one point for about $5 which was a fair price. They also had an extremely fun staff who seemed to be doing a ritual of some sort in the pool with a group of people… (Don’t let this keep you from trying the place out, it could have just been something that day, plus it was pretty cool to see.) 


We were able to use their snorkeling gear for an hour. The water was beautiful and we saw many tropical fish. They also have a dock that you can jump off of as much as you want for your enjoyment. 

el cid la ceiba
Our Favorite Private Beach (so far) – El Cid La Ceiba

This resort and hidden beach is where a lot of cruise staff like to go to so if you happen to stop by this place on your next stop to Cozumel, please don’t be extra and start bothering your cruise director or the casino host.

Respect that this is their time off and they don’t want to be bothered. After all, they probably chose the lesser known resort for a reason. 

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at El Cid La Ceiba Hotel?

After looking up this resort, it seems that a week stay will usually run you about $800-$1,000 for two people. It is also labeled as an all inclusive however, they say meals are not included so I am not too sure what they mean by all inclusive. They also have a spa for you to enjoy for another fee.

You can find the booking site for this hotel on

If you are choosing to visit for a day right off the boat, all you have to do is walk to the front desk and tell them you are there for a day pass to visit the beach and snorkel. (Something like that should suffice). They will then give you a wrist band and you are free to do what you want from there.

El Cid La Ceiba Hotel

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