Ashley Renee x

Hair Care

Before I get into my own hair care, I just want to first state that this is my own routine and results could be different for each person. I am also not qualified to give advice however, I have learned a lot from the following qualified hair stylist on what products are great and what products are damaging to your hair. If you want to learn more about her hair care suggestions, find her tik tok here.

Purple Shampoo to help tone when I need to get yellow out

Blonde Shampoo

Conditioner to help any damaged hair

Protectant applied when hair is damp.

Detangler applied before brushing and when hair is damp.

Shine and softness. Applied once hair is dried.

I love using scrunchies for my hair. It’s prevented so much breakage since I started using them. These are from amazon but you can get soo many for a cheaper price at Shein OR support a small business and buy from them!