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That Bucket List Couple’s Full Bucket List

“Life is Precious, you never know when it could be taken so it’s important to live it to the fullest any chance you get.” This is a quote we truly try to live by. I believe the reason a lot of people who really want to fulfill a bucket list is simply because they understand that there is so much to do and see in such a short lifetime and they want to make sure they truly live it to the fullest. That is what drives us to complete our bucket list, to taste life to the upmost.

Our bucket list is very extensive and ranges from big to small items. Sometimes, even the smallest things leave a lasting memory. We hope you find something on here that inspires you and your bucket list.

  1. Visit all 50 States
  2. Visit every continent
  3. Buy Ashley’s dream jeep
  4. Build a skoolie to live on
  5. Iceland
  6. Japan
  7. Germany
  8. Greece
  9. China
  10. Brazil
  11. Ireland
  12. Canada
  13. Get a Bachelor’s degree (Ashley)
  14. Write a craft book (Ashley)
  15. Create a successful business
  16. Buy our dream house
  17. Open 3 (or more) vacation homes
  18. Swim with sharks
  19. Bungee jump
  20. Paragliding
  21. Scuba certified
  22. Get married
  23. Have kids
  24. Go skiing
  25. Ride in a helicopter
  26. Get a second Yorkie
  27. Get a husky
  28. 200 nights at sea on Carnival cruises
  29. Go to the olympics
  30. Learn to surf
  31. Go deep sea fishing
  32. Learn to Bachata
  33. Learn to swing dance
  34. Reach healthy bodies
  35. Take a volleyball team to regionals
  36. Take a family vacation for Ashley’s dads side of the family.
  37. Take a family vacation for Ashley’s mom’s side of the family.
  38. Take Andrew’s family on a vacation
  39. Speak another language semi-fluently
  40. Sit court side at a basketball game
  41. Go to a shooting range
  42. Go to Key West Florida
  43. Go to all the large cities in California
  44. Grand Canyon
  45. Skydiving (we want to go again)
  46. Kayak by whales
  47. England
  48. Paris
  49. See the Statue of Liberty
  50. Philippines
  51. Thailand
  52. Chile
  53. See 5 Hawaiian Islands
  54. Sweden
  55. Switzerland
  56. Go to a rave
  57. Amsterdam
  58. Go whitewater rafting
  59. Egypt
  60. Jamaica
  61. Fiji
  62. Ecuador
  63. Go to/participate in Comic Con
  64. Vietnam
  65. Italy
  66. Take a two week long vacation
  67. Australia
  68. Go on an African Safari
  69. Ride on a camel
  70. See the leaning tower of Piza
  71. See the Colosseum
  72. See the Hollywood sign
  73. Climb the Great Wall of China
  74. See the Sydney Opera House
  75. See the Taj Mahal
  76. See the Great Sphinx
  77. See the Forbidden City
  78. Paddle board through a Canyon
  79. See mount everest
  80. See the White House
  81. See Mount Rushmore
  82. See Bryce Canyon
  83. See Yosemite national park
  84. See Niagara Falls
  85. See Yellowstone
  86. Ride in a hot air balloon
  87. Learn to kite surf
  88. Touch the Arctic, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean
  89. See the Northern Lights
  90. See the Great Barrier Reef
  91. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas
  92. Swim under a hidden waterfall
  93. See the Western wall
  94. See Machu Pichu
  95. See the pink beach
  96. Go in the cage of death in Australia
  97. Go to the famous Giant swing in Bali
  98. Go wake boarding
  99. Own a jet ski
  100. Change someone’s life
  101. Parachute
  102. Go Camping
  103. Swim in the Sea
  104. Do a cross country road trip
  105. Volunteer for a charity
  106. Build furniture from scratch
  107. Host a dinner party
  108. Swim in a lake
  109. Fly an airplane
  110. Fall in love
  111. New Zealand
  112. Ride a horse
  113. Climb a mountain over 1,000 feet
  114. Sing to an audience
  115. Stay up until sunrise
  116. See a shooting star
  117. Learn to play a musical instrument
  118. Knit a jumper
  119. Fly a kite
  120. Visit an active volcano
  121. Stand on a glacier
  122. Sail a boat
  123. Visit a desert
  124. Run in a thunderstorm
  125. Sleep in a bubble
  126. Sleep under the starts
  127. Donate blood
  128. Go to a concert
  129. Learn to juggle
  130. Drive a motorbike
  131. Act in a play
  132. Drive a train
  133. Go to the Opera
  134. Be part of a car race
  135. Swim a mile
  136. Ride a zipline
  137. Learn to ride a bike
  138. Make a snowman
  139. Take a photo with someone famous
  140. Make an origami animal
  141. Write poetry
  142. Switch off personal devices for 48 hours
  143. Attend a music festival
  144. Sketch a self portrait
  145. Be a member of a tv audience
  146. Go to see a play alone
  147. Make and flip pancakes
  148. Swim in a thermal bath
  149. Make a cocktail from scratch
  150. Drink at a dive bar
  151. Visit a castle
  152. Visit a cave
  153. Visit Kleinfield Bridal
  154. Eat alone at a restaurant
  155. Catch a fish
  156. Go strawberry picking
  157. Grown our own vegetables
  158. Learn a magic trick
  159. Join a book club
  160. Win a competition
  161. Learn sign language
  162. Meditate
  163. Read a classic book
  164. Ride a segway
  165. Haggle in a Bazaar
  166. Own a pet
  167. Send a message in a bottle
  168. See a total solar eclipse
  169. Go to a canival
  170. Bake someone a birthday cake
  171. Throw a surprise party
  172. Be in two countries at the same time
  173. Learn to use chopsticks
  174. Give a public speech
  175. Go to a fancy dress/costume party
  176. visit a haunted house
  177. Toast marshmallows on a fire
  178. Plant and grow a tree
  179. Eat at a michelin star restaurant
  180. Learn how to ice skate
  181. Live in a different country
  182. Go to a street party
  183. Have a carboot/garage sale
  184. Get a backstage pass to a concert
  185. Take a cooking class
  186. Teach somebody a new skill
  187. Host a bake sale
  188. Dunk (Andrew)
  189. Malaysia
  190. Indonesia
  191. Turkey
  192. Get a drone
  193. Get a new GoPro
  194. Eat dinner in the sky
  195. Sleep in an igloo
  196. Interact with Monkeys
  197. Buy stock
  198. Go to a hula
  199. Interact with penguins
  200. Create a highlight video of all bucket list items being completed
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple
That Bucket List Couple

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