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Female Travel Blogger – Donatela

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Donatela, I am 22, I study tourism and travel is my passion! My goal is to travel as much as possible or at least explore my home country Croatia! Recently I started my travel blog called Travel gives me butterflies where I post information and stories about places I visited. This is my way of encouraging people to travel as much as they can!

How often do you travel?

I try to make at least one bigger trip in a year and if I have money I’ll do some smaller ones. Since I was on Erasmus in Greece, it gave me a lot of time for traveling with new friends that I made. My summer job gets me enough money to go on a trip for about a week and its usually to a budget friendly destination. On Erasmus I had a scholarship which supported my life there so I could spend more on travel and my parents of course still help me. 

What’s your best travel story?

There were so many amazing travel stories over the years, but one of my favorites is getting to Times Square in NYC on a New Years Eve  at 11pm without a ticket, when a man gave us MTV tickets and we were standing in the first row in a private MTV area with not a lot of people around us! This memory will forever be one of my favorites because being on the Times Square for New Years was on my bucket list for years! I like to think it was our Christmas miracle!

Where is your favorite place?

How does one choose a favorite place?! There are really so many, NYC, Barcelona, Islands Hvar and Vis in Croatia, Tenerife…

Advice to someone traveling?

My first advice is dare to travel! I know a lot of people who are scared to travel but there is nothing scary about it. Meeting new people is always amazing and making friends all over the world is so special! Don’t always expect travel to go smoothly, life doesn’t go as expected, so why would travel? Keep the most important things in your carry on + some clothes just in case! Try to travel as light as possible (I do my best but it’s hard sometimes) it will make your traveling a lot easier.

Get a safe backpack so you don’t have to think about your belongings being stolen. Get comfortable shoes and walk as much as possible to explore all you can! Don’t forget your swimsuit wherever you go (you never know when you’ll need it!).

Don’t plan too much, let things be spontaneous, if you end up not having time for something you planned carefully you will only be sad. Everyone travels differently and with a different passion and that is ok, you just do you and get out there!

Thanks for sharing with us Donatela. You can find Donatela’s blog and Instagram below!

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