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About That Bucket List Couple

What is the meaning of a Bucket List?

To understand who “That Bucket List Couple” is, you first must understand a quote that is very sensitive giving the phrase “Bucket List” a very special meaning.

“Life Is Short, You Never Know When it Could be Taken So It’s Important to Live it to The Fullest Any Chance You Get.”

What better way to live your life to the fullest than to complete your Bucket List?

Life is never a guarantee and to many people, they see life as something that is precious. They understand that we only have one chance at life and they want to make sure they take full advantage. They want to be able to live it exactly how they want and they want to see and do everything they’ve ever dreamed of in their one chance at life.

That is why the term Bucket List gives such a strong and sensitive meaning to many people, including us.


Who Is That Bucket List Couple?

To start with, I would like to introduce myself to you as Ashley, one part of That Bucket List Couple and Andrew being the other half. Together, we are known as “That Bucket List Couple” with our dog Mace.

We’ve set out to complete everything on our bucket list and share our experiences, tips, and to (hopefully) inspire others along the way. 

Andrew and I got together in March of 2012. I (Ashley) was a Sophomore in High School living in Alabama while Andrew was a Junior in High School living in Florida. We had known each other sense middle school and decided to become a so called “thing” in 2012.

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Unfortunately, we had to be in a long distance relationship for four years. Believe us, this time period was HARD but thanks to endless skype calls, trust, and constant communication, we were able to over come the preconception of failed long distance relationships and we are still going strong and currently been a pair for 8 years!

Ps. This still blows my mind that I could ever be in a relationship for this long with somebody who makes me so happy.

Currently, we live in Florida with our dog Mace, a little 9 pound Yorkshire Terrier. I’m currently going to school to receive my Bachelors degree which happens to be on the bucket list. 

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While I currently can’t spend time working in a normal job, I create arts and crafts to sell and I also coach volleyball which I really enjoy.

Travel Inspiration

We have a few people specifically on the social media platforms that really inspired us to go out and pursue the travel life etc. Our top inspirations are the following couples. 

The Bucket List Family – The Bucket List Family is a family who have spent the last several years traveling all around the world sharing their experiences traveling as a family with three kids and sharing all of their interactions with other cultures and living their life to the fullest. They’re a true inspiration that anything can happen. You can follow The Bucket List Family on youtube here. 

Kara and Nate – Kara and Nate is a couple we found on youtube and really inspired us to go out and take a chance on ourselves. They took a chance on themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone to create amazing video content sharing unique travel stays and showing that the full time travel life is possible. They’ve been traveling around the world and completed their goal of traveling to 100 countries by 2020. You can follow their youtube channel here. 

What Does the Bucket List Future Hold?


If all goes well, one day we would like to complete our full Bucket List and potentially build out a small home on wheels (bus or rv) and travel throughout the U.S. and around the world before we settle down for marriage and a family. (We have high aspirations.)

Currently, we try to take week long trips 3 times a year and have giant Bucket List’s to complete.

Our favorite trips by far have been cruises as we have been on 6 and counting. 

We hope that this blog is a good resource for people looking for travel tips, aspiring to be full time travelers, or aspiring to live their life to the fullest. Either way, we hope to help and inspire you in one way or another.

Thanks for checking out our site and check out the blog for our Bucket List updates!

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Let us know what’s always been on your Bucket List Below!

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