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I'm Ashley

About Me

I’m a travel enthusiast, dog mom, sister, and girlfriend to my partner of 8 years. You can find me coaching volleyball, at the beach, or hanging out with family. I love traveling (especially on cruises), the beach and creating stuff! I also go by The Female Web Designer.

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Facts About Me


From Florida

I was born and raised in Florida. I moved to a few other states during high school but managed to come back to my home.



My partner Andrew and I have been on 6 cruises together and counting. We've been to beautiful places like the US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas. We get great deals because we gamble so much.



I grew up playing volleyball and went to college on a scholarship to play in Florida. I now coach travel and high school volleyball. I learned many personal, professional, and volleyball skills during my time that I have transferred and use in my personal life everyday.


Bucket List

Andrew and I have a giant bucket list that we are on a journey towards completing. We log our progress and give tips along the way in our blog.



I went to school for Education and recently graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.


Happy Clients!

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