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Visiting the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua in the Dominican Republic

What is the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua?

The 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua in the Dominican Republic also known as 27 Charcos is a place located about 30 minutes from Puerta Plata where there are a total of 27 waterfalls that you can jump and slide through. Some of the falls are big while some are pretty small but they are all so much fun! One of the coolest parts about the falls is the nature and the hike on your way to the falls. The scenery is really unique and getting to the falls makes it so much sweeter!

We were lucky enough to take this as an excursion from our cruise port. We took a really nice air conditioned bus to the waterfalls and had two tour guides to help us through the waterfalls. Please note, it is required to take a tour guide.

The Arrival

Upon your arrival, you will decide what tour you want. You can choose between 7, 12, or all 27 waterfalls. Each price varies and can be found here. The tours also include life vest, helmets, and of course a guide. Once you choose your tour, you have the option to put your belongings in a locker for an additional fee and there are also water shoes to rent if you don’t bring your own. If we were to go back, I would probably bring our own and I would go with these but any water shoe would work well.

Recommendation: We did a shorter tour and if we were to go again, I would definitely do the 27 waterfalls. I will let that regret speak for itself when you decide on which tour to choose.

Getting there

27 waterfalls of damajagua

Getting to the waterfalls after you choose your tour and all that jazz is probably the most difficult part. We had to take a solid hike which we managed just fine however, we could tell that there were others in our party who were very exhausted on the hike. They do give you a bottle of water to drink on your way and it was definitely drunk by the time we got to the falls. They take moments to rest and catch your breath but just be prepared for a bit of a hike if you aren’t used to that kind of stuff (which we aren’t).

The Falls

dominican republic
The first big jump.

Okay, so once you’ve made it up the hills and the hike, you will finally reach the first jump which was packed with people. This is the first jump and might be one of the most intense ones we did. There is (what seemed to be) a pretty narrow jump so that was a little nerve wrecking. Once you get that jump out of the way, the rest is really fun! You might go through little caves, you will slide through the rocks, and you will get to do some fun jumps.

Keep in mind, if any of this sounds a little intense, just remember that you have tour guides with you who literally go through the falls all the time. They practically act like its a playground in their backyard. I remember one of our guides jumping at one fall and he did a wild trick. When he jumped, everyone thought he was going to hurt himself but like I said, this is like their backyard playground and they know it like the back of their hand so they will be there to support you 100%.

What happens once the tour is over?

Once the tour is over, you will go back to your lockers, return your helmet and all that, and gather your belongings. We made sure to get a picture with our tour guides and we hopped back on the bus to go back to the cruise port. I also want to point out that they had food and refreshments to purchase before or after your tour in case you want to try their authentic food or need something to drink.

If you are thinking about taking this excursion on your cruise to the Dominican Republic, we highly recommend it but just be a little cautious if you have younger or older ones in your party. You can find a lot more information about the history of the waterfalls and booking the excursion through a cruise here.

A note about pictures

You are allowed to bring cameras or a gopro. We had ours on the whole time and it was really worth it because we were able to take our own pictures and videos. They also have a photographer who comes around to take pictures for you in case you want to purchase some at the end of your excursion.

Dominican republic waterfalls

We highly recommend taking this tour if you are in the Dominican Republic. It was definitely worth it and we would love to go again someday.

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